Say I won’t give you a visual aid

21 May
demand for dbags was met at 11:00

demand for dbags was met at 11:00

Let us use Q1 to describe the time of 10:30pm. I completely understand why the demand for dbags increased as represented by Q2. That Fergy song came on around then and you let in those two underage girls with the fun make up. I get it, as a dorm man you recognized the shift in demand so you upped the supply. But to be honest that was your last good decision, and that was almost 2 hours ago. Since then the market has been flooded by dbags. The men here are upset, the women here are upset, even the preceding dbags are upset by this shift. None of this is sustainable. I am offering you this napkin chart as simply a visual aid for your decision making. I thought you would have noticed your error when several men started dancing on the bar. That is a clearly a women only market. Any influx of men into such a market place is a tell tale sign of dbag oversaturation. Yet, since then you have let in four gentlemen wearing sunglasses including one who just yelled “Take that to the face Brian, you’re a dinosaur!” Do you not also see how the termination of the drink special at midnight influenced the elasticity here? Less dbags are needed here more now then ever. On a micro level you are only ruining my night but on a macro level this entire neighborhood is suffering. Do us a favor and kick out Dave, Brian, Chad, Lopez, and the guy they are calling Wolverine. Be the hero this economy needs.


2 Responses to “Say I won’t give you a visual aid”

  1. DJ Techno May 24, 2009 at 1:18 am #

    May have been one of the best yet. Lookout this week, DJ Tech is finally feeling comfortable enough at work to use this little invention called the inter-web. A NYC update is needed indeed. Say I won’t…

  2. Camden May 24, 2009 at 1:03 am #

    good analysis

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