Say I won’t tighten up my chin strap for a full contact trip to the mall.

31 Jul
"It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up Magazine, somethin somethin Salt and Pepper in a limousine. Somethin somethin trailing off now..."

What you know about this chinstrap? You don’t think I’ll wake up in the morning and scope this beast out in the mirror like woa? What you know about this Italian tightrope? What you know about this thin line between love and hate? You don’t think I’ll go to a barbershop on the other side of town to get this worked on solely because it has a majority black clientele? You don’t think I’ll walk straight in and say something uncomfortable like, “Yo what up dun, I need this tightened up, word.” I don’t care how uncomfortable I make everyone there. All I know is I am sure as hell taking a “short cut” when I drive my friends to the mall so I can drive by this place and say “Yo check it out son, that’s where I’ve been getting my hair cut.” In my head I will think this somehow makes me more legitimate. As we pass I will smile on the inside but I will straight mean mug on the outside. Say I won’t dig up an old picture of myself later on in life and notice my strange beard. Say I won’t realize my parents divorce must have had a significant impact on the various personas I took on. Until then, what you lookin at G? Yea that’s right dog, soak it in. This is a live wire connecting my two huge diamond earrings. This is a pencil thin picture frame for the thug life. I know your girl wants to hit this. Say I won’t keep a picture of my old stuffed animals hidden behind my dmx poster.


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