Say I won’t give you the business about your girl… part 2

13 Sep

You still talking about my girl? That’s funny because your girl is still putting gravy on her ice cream, and I’m not saying nothing. Your girl still wore suspenders and a bib to the prom, but I’m not mad. Your girl still got a buck tooth she named “shifty” that she opens bottles with, but I haven’t said anything about it until now. I’m still trying to figure out why your girl moved into a dorm room when she was taking classes online? I heard your girl got fired from her nose job. I heard your girl hasn’t worn matching socks since the cold war, but have I been talking about it? I swear I saw your girl shouting def poetry into a waffle cone in the back of IHOP wearing a Langston Hughes throwback jersey. Please tell your girl she can’t keep doing her taxes on an etch-a-sketch. Also, tell her to stop shaving her back with the cheese grader on taco night unless she is going to wash it afterwards. Also you should tell your girl that just because the forks are dirty it doesn’t mean she should eat salad with a hammer. Why is your girl’s body sloppier than egg salad on a slip and slide in a thunderstorm? I wish your girl would stop eating raw bacon in her car with the windows rolled up, because that’s where the swine flu got started.


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