Your Venn diagram helped clarify your proposal, but my Vin diagram just brought the house down!

15 Oct
The Vin eclipses your ideas like the effing moon!

The Vin eclipses your ideas like the effing moon!

Did you really think I would let you get through your presentation with that weak ass Venn diagram? Sit your ass down. Let me show you a real diagram… bitch. BAM! I just called your traditional graphic model and raised you one bad ass VIN DIESEL diagram! Let me put this song/video up on the screen real quick and start my presentation. Just to clarify your original shitty idea, you proposed we cut costs by cutting back in our accounts payable department. Well guess what, if Vin Diesel were here he would literally punch you in the heart with both hands! You know what his idea would be? Vin Diesel would propose we stop being such gaytards and we start hiring strippers to counter fit money for us! Have you seen Triple X? Maybe you just know it as XXX. I mean have you seen that movie!?!? Well… I lost my train of thought. Anyways, no matter how you write it the VIN DIAGRAM ALWAYS WINS. What? No you don’t need to call security. I feel very secure with this diagram up on the screen! Somewhere Vin Diesel is doing push ups on top of a girl planning his next move, and all you can propose is some bitchy cost cuts? Remember when Vin Diesel teamed up with that other guy in 2 Fast 2 Furious in order to put the effing hurt on like 60 weaker dudes via the use of insane motor vehicles? Do you remember that? THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! Seriously, why aren’t we rocking tricked out whips all the live long day? VRRROOOMMM bitches! Horsepower for days! Ok, ok, ok… I’ve calmed down. Put the pepper spray down… not like it would do anything. Hey, so seriously what do you think? Let’s call Vin right now and see what he thinks. I have every phone number he has ever used right here in my pants. Why are you all ignoring me? Make eye contact with me when I am screaming at you! What’s that? That’s what you think, I’ll restrain you! Get some, aughhhhhhh!


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